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As an adult child survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I have tried to seek help through many different types of therapies; however, all of them have been unsuccessful. It wasn’t until I started attending hypnotherapy sessions with Mr. David Fisher that I have found comfort and have been able to release the hurt, anger and aggression that I have built up over the years. I now have a newfound confidence, all through the wonderful gift that Mr. Fisher has given. David is truly a blessing.

Executive Administrative Assistant
Age 40

With this recession, I have felt depressed, lack of confidence and unsure of my abilities to perform my tasks at work. Although I only had one session, I felt comfortable in the overall setting to be hypnotized and felt a weight lifted when I left. I have relocated but continue to feel positive and confident from affirmations I have completed that David Fisher forwarded me to do on e-mail. I highly recommend David.

Kathy Denmark
Business Owner
Age 51


My experience of hypnosis with David completely changed my understanding about what it is. I have meditated for 40 years, and with hypnosis I experienced an immediate relaxation into my inner Self. Never did I feel out of control, but I knew that my awareness was in the fundamental depths of my mind where creativity takes place. In July 2009, David and I did an Advanced level goal therapy to complete my new metaphysical book. I was able to achieve my goal within 90 days of the session. It is extremely valuable for everyone to have David guide you to that aspect of your Self where all is possible.

Roger Lanphear
Author & Retired Attorney
Age 74

    David, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me since I met you. I don't just mean the offering of an account and being patient about being paid. I mean that you have been a beautiful inspiration and a great motivator for me. You have helped me heal in great ways, and I truly appreciate it. I hope that one day I can inspire someone spiritually the way you have me.

Teacher and Healer




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